About Lake Red Rock

Red Rock Marina, Iowa

Lake Red Rock is Iowa’s Largest Lake with over 15,000 acres of water and 35,000 acres of land for your enjoyment. Located on the Des Moines River just 45 miles southeast and downriver from Des Moines, the reservoir collects runoff and drainage from over 12,320 square miles of Iowa and southern Minnesota land. This protects communities and agriculture lands downstream from the Red Rock Dam. The maximum flood control pool is 780 feet above sea level, over 33 miles long, and covers 65,500 acres. Other lake area benefits include numerous recreational opportunities and natural resources on the water and surrounding public lands.

As the largest lake in Iowa, Lake Red Rock offers boaters restriction-free boating, making it ideal for water skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing or just cruising the waves.

Red Rock Marina is currently building 178 slips as part of its Master Plan to introduce a new State of the Art facility with unmatched amenities, 3 storage buildings, 50 covered slips, and lifts available for lease. Houseboat, speed boat, pontoon, sail boat – we can accommodate, store, and transport it all. Don’t waste your time waiting in line for a ramp. Rent yourself a slip this summer and save the hassle!!

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See you on the lake!

500 years of the Peace Tree

In the Northwest quadrant of the lake stands a 500 year old sycamore tree… sort of. What remains of this historic tree is all but a stump now, but its history is rich and bountiful. It germinated from seed in the 1500s, but didn’t have any discernible history for 300 years. It became a landmark for settlers moving West, and a trading post for native Americans already there. The tree saw floods and droughts, peace and war, and eventually was caught on the wrong side of a dam and was killed when floods came. It’s been there for centuries, and while little of it remains above the waterline, it’s still a sight to see. Here is a quick history of the landmark Sycamore.

1500: Peace Tree seed germinates.
1842: Sac and Fox tribes cede land to U.S. government, establishing a line (the Red Rock Line) as a boundary, right near the big sycamore called Peace Tree.
1969: The Peace Tree is killed by the creation of Lake Red Rock reservoir by a dam on the Des Moines River for flood control.
1992: Lake level is raised eight feet to offset siltation, making it easier for boaters to visit the tree. The Office of State Archaeologist issues a report on the tree, detailing its rich history.
2006: Boaters fear the coming demise of the Peace Tree and decorate it with colorful tapestry and snap photographs.
2008 & 2010: Floods raise the water level of the lake, submerging the tree. It still stands when the water recedes.
2013: The winter takes another toll and at least three feet of the tree stump breaks off, leaving a mere three feet above water level.